A Message From Roger Bouchard of Bouchard Law Offices

Hello and welcome, my name is Roger Bouchard. I would like to discuss your legal situation in detail, in order to possibly get your charges dismissed or reduced. As a former Magistrate I have over 20 years experience getting successful results for my clients. Additionally, having a brother as a Hamilton County Judge affords me and my clients unparalleled insight as to the most effective strategies to successfully handle and defend your case.

Practicing law to me is treating my clients as if I were in their position. By applying the experience, knowledge, and expertise I have assimilated to your case, you get the full package.

D.U.I. practice can be complex, and multiple defenses need to be investigated under certain circumstances.  Proper representation requires a thorough, in-depth investigation, which takes time.  In your case, it may be advisable to file a Motion to Suppress. This investigatory hearing will delve into possible violations of your Constitutional rights, inherent from the time you were pulled over.  Also of possible issue is the proper police conduction of the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, if applicable. The Motion to Suppress hearing may result in a dismissal of your case, or alternatively strengthen aspects of your case should you decide to go to trial, among other possible advantages.  D.U.I.’s are case-specific.

While practicing criminal defense, I have successfully handled everything from minor misdemeanors to co-counseling on two Capital Murder Death Penalty cases – successfully. I have tried and won jury trials for Manslaughter and other felonies, as well as bench trials on various felonies. My familiarity with the judges, prosecutors and officers over the years goes a long way.

I promise you a boutique representation – exceptionally caring and compassionate service. Please feel free to call, text, or e-mail at any time. You will be treated as a family member, from answering any questions that you may have, to addressing any concerns that may come up along the way. My initial consultation is free, and I will give you an idea of what obstacles and penalties may lay ahead for you. It is imperative that you have complete confidence in your attorney. I will provide you this requisite. As an experienced and seasoned attorney with unlimited resources, I will deliver.