What is a juvenile crime?

A juvenile crime is any criminal act that is committed by a minor (person below the legal age of 18). All too often, juveniles and their parents assume that because the crime was committed by a minor, the minor will not be subject to harsh legal penalties if convicted. This belief is far from the truth. In Ohio, all juvenile crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement and are vigorously prosecuted. Additionally, if the juvenile is close to the legal age of 18, or has committed a felony offense, he/she may be Abound over@ and prosecuted as an adult.

Frequently Committed Juvenile Crimes

In the state of Ohio, commonly committed juvenile crimes include: DUI, theft, shoplifting, assault, battery, drug possession, gang crimes, carjacking, vehicular theft, burglary, drug possession/ trafficking, sex crimes, and vandalism.

Ohio Juvenile Crime Legal Penalties

Once a minor is convicted a crime, he/she may be punished with:
Jail time
Placement in a juvenile detention center or training school
Large fines
Community service
Mandatory drug and alcohol counseling
Court ordered therapy
Commitment to the Department of Youth Services (Juvenile Prison)

If a juvenile is convicted of a criminal offense, the court will usually focus upon rehabilitating the minor instead of punishing them. It is believed that juveniles can change their actions and delinquent behavior if they receive proper counseling and treatment. Hamilton and Clermont Counties have a myriad of programs designed to help young people through difficult times and to get them back on the right track. It is of vital importance to have an attorney that is familiar with the available programs, and that can steer a case to the best possible placement and/or outcome.

Due to the life‑altering legal consequences that are involved, it is always in a person=s best interest to obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has the legal background and knowledge it takes to successfully fight juvenile crime charges. Roger Bouchard has been helping clients throughout Southern Ohio contest their criminal charges and obtain superior results for years. He has 10 years of court room experience and he is fully prepared to undertake his clients cases. When he works with his clients and their parents, he does everything possible to make sure that they receive the attention, resources, and dedicated legal counsel that they deserve.

If you have been charged with a serious juvenile offense, or if your child has been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to call The Law Offices of Roger Bouchard at (513) 926-4655. He can evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options.